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Today's media environment and patience
Looking to the future
Fall 2014
Steam room final
New steam room / tile demo and remodel


fall/winter season
New steam room / Tile
roof leaks
Staem room final
Today's media environment and patience
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Today's media environment and patience

Dear friends , as we look back over 2015 and forward to 2016 we have seen a lot of changes , especially in the area of integrated tech. Which can be a good thing from communication to the job site and even more and more into our homes. There is as always a downside. Has technology changed us ? Sure we can do do things faster now right? Well, to some degree it is true even as i write this blog i appreciate it , but what about our expectations?
When we decide that we want something what do we do? More than likely we go to our devices and start scanning the internet and sure enough if we want it we can have it in two days or even streamed to us.

Looking to the future

As we look forward to spring and the influx of upcoming projects it is good to think about relationships. More specifically how we build bonds with those we chose to work with. When we are interviewing a client or in your case a contractor its more than just a job its a bond of trust , a person or persons who we let into our lives and reveal our thoughts and hopes for the future in regard to a special place known as home. So the next time we are looking to invest in our homes remember its not just the price its also the friendship that we are cultivating for years to come as we age and maintain our hard work for the years ahead.

Fall 2014

As Fall is in the air we often think of family together and a warm home to enjoy. This helps us to appreciate that now is really the best time to think of upgrades for our homes. A time when our loved ones can give us input and we can really see our families grow . During this time of the year it is wonderful to not just view our homes as a place to be , but a place to gather and see our families flourish. May your Fall months be full of reflection and joy. E.S.

Steam room final

 Here the final project!
The steam room has come to its completion and should provide many years of enjoyment.
This project really emphasizes the need for not just relying on past experience . Each new project is unique and requires research and staying up to date on product development.
The main reason this steam room failed was due to lack of such research and not allowing proper curing times. Many people feel that if its dry to the touch it must be cured. That is not the case. Each manufacture dictates the product specifications.

New steam room / tile demo and remodel

Our next project for Renaissance is a steam room that has been leaking for several years. After some demo work it was discovered that the original tile was simply laid over ply-wood instead of cement board. A steam room is a very unique situation that requires attention to detail since it is subject to water almost 24 hrs a day.
  • Here we will take it down to the original framing and start with a vapor barrier , cement board , taped seems , Hydro-ban waterproofer and then begin the tile process.

Spring is in the air.

Well the flowers are blooming and the trees are budding. It seems most of winter has passed us by. Now is the time to start looking at all the projects left over from last Fall. Perhaps its the painting that never got done or a roof that just started leaking. Let us know your hopes and dreams and we will gladly help you set a plan of action to get you there.
We look forward to another wonderful year and getting to know each one of you better.

Fall Season

 Well fall is finally here and it's brought alot of rain . That's why we are focusing much of our attention on providing fast service to all our new and existing clients by making emergency calls if needed. Many times old roofs will not leak until submitted to heavy and consistent rainfall. We want to be there for you to protect your home investment if needed.
Well stay dry and warm and we wish you a wonderful season.
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